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Greer and the stunning White Mountains region are a fisherman’s paradise, thanks to the cool summer climate (mid 70s) and countless pristine bodies of water. There are 22 trout lakes and 630 miles of trout streams within 30 miles of Greer, offering anglers of all levels a chance to try their hand at fishing. The best time for fishing is during late spring, summer, and fall, the magnificent scenery of towering ponderosa pines, firs, and aspen trees surrounding these fishing spots provides a picturesque backdrop for visitors year-round. The Greer area offers some of the best fishing in all of Arizona.

Free Fly Fishing at Greer Lodge’s Private Trout Ponds

As a guest of the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins, you can enjoy free fly fishing at our two privately owned trout ponds. Our catch and release policy ensures that our guests can fish our private trout ponds without the need to obtain an Arizona fishing license. By using artificial flies and barbless hooks, this allows the trout in our private ponds to grow larger and live longer, providing our guests with an unforgettable fishing experience. We encourage you to enjoy these moments with your prized catch, but we ask that you release the fish immediately in a safe and humane way to minimize stress and maximize the trout survival rate. Please note that failure to follow our fly fishing policy on our private trout ponds can result in fines of up to $150 per instance by Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins.

RESTOCKING ALERT: At Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins, we’re committed to providing our guests with the best fishing experience possible. That’s why we restock our private trout ponds in the Spring & Fall.

Licenses & Regulations: What You Need to Know Before Fishing in and around Greer

If you want to fish places besides our private trout ponds, you will need a valid Arizona fishing license, which can be purchased online on the official Arizona Game & Fish website.

If you plan to fish on the White Mountain Apache reservation, you will need a tribal fishing license, which can be purchased at various convenience stores, gas stations, and sports shops in the area. Please be aware of the fishing regulations and restrictions, including catch limits, seasonality, and equipment restrictions, to ensure the safety and sustainability of the local fish populations.

Top Fishing Spots in Greer and the Surrounding White Mountains:

To help you plan your next fishing trip, we have compiled a list of the most popular fishing spots in Greer and the surrounding White Mountains where you can catch trout:

White Mountain Lakes (Fishing Guide by AZGFD):

  • Greer Lakes (Bunch Reservoir, River Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir)
  • Little Colorado River in Greer
    1. Note: An Arizona fishing license with a trout stamp is required for anglers age 14 and above. Live bait is prohibited, and there are areas along the river that are either private property or “catch and release” points only.
  • Big Lake
  • Becker Lake
  • The Black River
  • The Blue River
  • Luna Lake
  • Nelson Reservoir
  • Sheeps Crossing

Mogollon Rim Lakes (Fishing Guide by AZGFD):

  • Bear Canyon Lake
  • Black Canyon Lake
  • CheveLon Canyon Lake
  • Woods Canyon Lake
  • Willow Springs Lake

Pinetop and Show Low Lakes & Streams (Fishing Guide by AZGFD):

  • Fool Hollow Lake
  • Silver Creek
  • Rainbow Lake

If you’re planning a fishing trip in Arizona, Greer should be at the top of your list. With 630 miles of trout streams and 22 trout lakes within a 30-mile radius, it’s a fisherman’s paradise. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you’ll enjoy trying your luck in these pristine bodies of water. And if you book a cabin stay at Greer Lodge, you’ll have convenient access to all these amazing fishing spots.

To get the most up-to-date information on these fishing spots and more, be sure to check out the White Mountain Fishing Report from the White Mountain Independent or the Fishing Report by the White Mountain Apache Tribe Game & Fish.

Fishing in Greer

Catch n Release Only on Greer Lodge property.

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