Big Lake Recreational Area

The beauty of the Big Lake Recreation Area is a favorite day outing for our guests.


Hondah Casino

Only a 30-minute drive from Greer Lodge!

Photo by thisisbigfish


Butterfly Lodge Museum

Take a step back into history (circa 1914), you’ll enjoy the original furnishing, artifacts and a gift and book area that include the creative works of both father and son.


Archaeological Sites

Ancient Indians enjoyed Arizona’s White Mountains! Visit Casa Malpais, Fort Apache Historical Park, or the Zuni Pueblo & El Morro National Park.


Canyon de Chelly National Monument

For a day filled with Native American history, cultural exploration and spectacular scenery, plan a leisurely day trip north toward Chinle, Arizona, on US 191.


Meteor Crater

A great day trip. Has an awesome space museum!

Photo by Steve Jurvetson


Fort Apache Historical Park

Learn about the lives and history of the Apache indians.


Grand Canyon

Learn about the lives and history of the Apache Indians.


Painted Desert & Petrified Forest

Experience the nearby Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Parks.

Photo by Jordan Green