Winter Wonderland Alert: Big 10” Snowfall Overnight in Greer!

The snow has arrived in Greer, AZ! This week, 10” of fluffy snow descended upon our mountain haven, transforming the town into a blissful winter wonderland overnight. More snowstorms are expected to head to our white mountains making Greer an ideal Arizona skiing destination in 2018! For those seeking a[…]

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30 Facts about Greer, Arizona You Didn’t Know

Cabin #282, 283, 284 on Private Trout Ponds at Greer Lodge

Greer is a small mountain town in Eastern Arizona, but there’s a lot about this place that you probably don’t know. Any westerner understands that the history of the American West runs richer than deeper than one first suspects at an initial glance. Here are 30 of the most interesting,[…]

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Greer Days 2017: June 9-11

Once a year, visitors gather in the quaint mountain town of Greer, AZ to kick off summer in a unique way that only Greer can. With a Wild West shootout to start up the events, the weekend of June 9-11 will bring forth western history and outdoor fun in a[…]

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