For a fun and educational day trip you can visit the historic Fort Apache Historic Park where you can learn about Apache traditions and history. The Apache Indians migrated from Canada and surrounding areas to the Kansas Plains in the 1700’s, and then into New Mexico and Arizona after their land was taken over by the Comanche Indians. The Apache Indians then migrated again into parts of Texas, Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona. Once they settled into Arizona, the Apaches fought famous battles against the Spaniards over land.

After many years in battle, the Spanish leader of that time granted them some designated land rights. This interesting and famous tribe has been a large and important part of our American history, and Fort Apache Historic Park offers a glimpse in to the lives and history of the Apache Indians.

Fort Apache Exihibits
The Fort Apache Historic Park is open every day to visitors from 7:00 am to Sunset. The park offers many interesting exhibits for visitors to see. There are a range of rare Apache artifacts located in the Footprints of the Apache Exhibit. It is housed in a building modeled after the traditional Apache home and offers a multimedia experience of the Apache “Creation Story”.

General Crook’s Cabin
Visitor can also enjoy General Crook’s Cabin, a log cabin that dates back to 1871 in which houses photomural and maps from the period, as well as photographs. Visitor can see how army officers lived with their families. There is a walking tour available where visitors can explore the Fort Apache Cemetery, 27 historic buildings that are still located in the 288 acre park, or enjoy a hike though East Fork Canyon.

The Kinishiba Ruins
Located 4 miles west of Fort Apache are The Kinishba Ruins where the Zuni and Hopi Indians once lived. Visitors must check in at the Fort Apache museum before visiting the ruin to obtain an interpretive guide. A visit to Fort Apache Historic Park will be an enjoyable trip for the whole the interested traveler or a whole family looking for a day of fun.