Arizona’s Largest Ski Resort Gets $5.5 Million in Renovations Ahead of Winter Season

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Holding the title as Arizona’s largest ski resort, Sunrise Ski Park, only 8 miles from Greer, is undergoing a $5.5 million renovation project to prepare for the upcoming 2022–23 winter season. Greer has always been the winter destination for all skiers and snowboarders in Arizona, and now it gets even better with its biggest round of renovations in over a decade.

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Restaurant at the base of Sunrise Ski Park
Ski Lift at Sunrise

New Lift on Cyclone Circle

Some of the renovations that skiers and snowboarders alike will benefit from include long-waited access to Cyclone Circle, as a new lift is being built to access that part of the mountain. The last time skiers and snowboarders had access to this side of the mountain was over 5 years ago!

Facility Repairs

The decks, stairs, and entries at Sunrise Ski Park will all receive a complete overhaul, allowing for new support and increased usage. In addition, the Apache Peak Lodge will be undergoing repairs to its kitchen, offering a more diverse menu selection this winter. There will also be new and expanded on-mountain dining options for the adventurous ski days ahead of the 2022-23 winter season.

Lift and Snowmaking Improvements

By the month of October, the slopes at Sunrise Ski Park will also see new improvements to their ski lifts (including a new Swiss Cord-style lift that will operate from the base of Denny’s Way to the peak of Cyclone Circle) and state-of-the-art snow guns. Mastering the process of making snow for over 22 years and to support their 65 trails and ski areas, these improvements will increase the output and operational efficiency of their snowmaking as well as access to their Fort Apache Lift and Pony Lift.

Sunrise Ski Park billboard off of 260 Highway

Other improvements reported by “KTAR News” that will be made:

• Cyclone Lodge will have a new fiber optic internet line
• Renovations to the cabins at Sunrise Lake to offer nightly rentals beginning this ski season
• New paint and exterior maintenance to buildings
• Ski and snowboard rentals will be moved to a new location to improve efficiency and improve customer convenience
• Overhaul for snow sports programs
• Moved retail shop and improved efficiencies for customer convenience
• Upgrades to ticket scanning systems and technology systems

Watch the Sunrise team make the official announcement:

Read the official press release on Sunrise.Ski.

This post was written by Juliana Hughes