Enjoy Snow Tubing Downhill (and Uphill!) Right Here in AZ!

Snow Tubing in Arizona
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Skiing’s not for everyone, but there is another great way to enjoy the fun of a snowy day outside: Snow Tubing! The Sunrise Ski Park has a wonderful tubing hill that provides family fun (children 5+) in a safe, pleasant environment that’s much cheaper and easier than strapping on those awkward skis and clambering onto the chairlift.

Complete with a new pulley system, the tubing park is improved and enables riders to ride both up and down the hill. The days of lugging those tubes behind you for hundreds of feet uphill are over! The pulley whisks riders up the hill in their tubes, dropping them off at the top where they can enjoy another fun ride down.

The tubing hill is located just before the main lot to Sunrise Ski Park next to the Apache Cyclone, the resort’s subsidiary lot. Pricing is very reasonable at $18/adult, $15/youth, and $55 for a family of 4 for 2 hours of excitement! (Be sure to check the official site for updates on pricing). The area also includes a snack bar with hot cocoa and a porta potty for easy bathroom access. The park will also have lights for nighttime tubing this season, while the hill is regularly groomed and maintained to keep it fast! Staff members are also onsite to assist the tubers.

So strap on your winter gear and head over to Sunrise Ski Park for some thrilling tubing this season while you’re staying in Greer! It’ll be a blast for the entire family!

This post was written by Juliana Hughes


  1. Reasonable pricing?
    Not for many of us, especially retired folks who have grandkids!
    Do you offer military or senior discounts?

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