10 Ways to Enjoy Greer, Arizona in the Fall

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Fall in Greer, Arizona may just be the perfect time in which to visit. While the desert temperatures continue to roar in the 100’s, not far away up in the White Mountains you’ll find crisp, cool air that beckons even a slight chill in the evening. So pack the hoodies and get ready for some comfortable time exploring the wilderness around Greer this fall. Here are 10 of the finest fall activities in Greer, Arizona:

1. Weather in September and October

Greer, Arizona in the Fall
The daily highs center around 70 degrees, which in just about anyone’s estimation, is perfect. You’ll be able to enjoy numerous outside activities without fretting over the burning sun or getting too sweaty in your hiking gear. No, Greer, Arizona in the fall is just plain comfortable, and this makes it excellent for everything you want to do!

2. Elk Bulging & Mating Season

Bull Elk

One of nature’s most unique calls is heard throughout the fall in Greer, Arizona. As bull elks search for true love, they make a piercing, trumpet like call to attract their fellow mates. Of course, fall visitors are often treated to the delightful spectacle of males battling for dominance of well. Please note that these, along with nearly all other animal encounters, are best observed from a distance with safety foremost in mind.

3. Fishing

Fly Fishing in Autumn
Due to the mild temperatures, hanging outside and fishing is one of the most serene activities available in Greer. With our well stocked trout pond awaiting outside your cabin and the Little Colorado River rushing nearby, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make a rewarding and delicious catch!

4. Hiking

Fall hikes & scenic walks
Fall hiking provides some of the most spectacular views around, as colorful trees cover the mountains, and the fresh, cool air instills feelings of vibrance and energy. This is also a great time to enjoy some of Greer’s many scenic trails before the snows of winter descend.

5. Try out your Winter Fashions

As the nighttime temperatures dip into the 30’s by late fall, you’ll want to bring along your favorite Uggs and Timberlands. Cool fresh mornings sipping coffee on the porch and evenings gathered around the campfire offer some of the most peaceful and comfortable experiences you’ll find with your friends and families in Greer, so be sure to come prepared, and to enjoy your latest styles of the season.

6. Leaf Peeping in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Horseback riding in the Fall
For those coming to Greer in the late fall, the foliage of the surrounding area can only be described as breathtaking. Bright yellows, reds, and oranges surround the mountain trails, casting a warm and majestic glow upon the entire range. Nature photographers especially love this time of the year and get some of their best shots of fall in Greer, Arizona.

7. Gather around the Fire Pit

Firepits at Greer Lodge
Is there anything better than smores, story-telling, and fun while sitting around the fire with your best friends? Fall is the absolute perfect time for this splendid tradition that connects human beings like no other.

8. Fall Cobbler at the Rendezvous Diner

Rendezvous Diner
Blackberry Cobbler

Our local restaurants provide some of the finest atmospheres and convenience in the entire region. You’ll find many familiar favorites at our local establishments, including this delectable cobbler at the Rendezvous Diner, where the locals invite their friendly visitors to town.

9. Jacklighting for Wildlife

Some of the best wildlife viewing only happens at night, and one fun activity is to head out on a country road with a great view, and shine a light down below. You’ll be amazed at the array of creatures prowling about in the dark! Just be careful to keep your distance and remain in your cars.

10. Watch a Scary Movie in a Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods
*Cue movie guy voice* Imagine, five friends set out for a delightful weekend getaway in the remote woods of Northern Arizona. A fall chill sends a ripple down their spines as the DVD is placed into the tray. What terrifying thrills await for the unsuspecting group? Truth be told, nighttime in a cabin in Greer is a fantastic place in which to enjoy a scary movie…

As you can by now tell, fall in Greer, Arizona is a truly special time and place to be. You’ll find all the same wonderful outdoor activities as summer are available, and many of which are more comfortable as the cooler weather descends. In the evening, the magic of the cool mountain air will keep you snug and tidy in our warm cabins, and leave you refreshed and excited for tomorrow’s adventures. Make your fall plans today.



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This post was written by Juliana Hughes


    1. Hi Mariusz! Thank you for your inquiry. I forwarded your email address over to our Reservation Dept. Please feel free to give them a call directly at 928-735-2304. We look forward to hosting you in Greer this fall season!

  1. I am hoping to visit in the next few weeks (not sure of the exact dates yet) and would like to stay in the log motel rooms (I have before and they are charming!), but I cannot find any pricing or availability. Can you please direct me to where to find a calendar with pricing and availability? Thank you!

    1. Hi Talhia! Rendezvous Diner should definitely be open in the Fall and Winter season. However, we always recommend calling them in advance before arriving for your stay.

  2. Do you have anything going on during the winter months? I’m looking for something to do this Christmas.

    1. Hi Angela! I hope this finds you well. Greer averages 8ft of snow a year and can be easily considered one of the best winter destinations in Arizona! When Greer turns into a winter wonderland, you can enjoy building snowman, tranquil walks on Main Street, cross skiing on groomed trails, tubing hills (uphill and downhill), sled rides at nearby stables, outdoor fire-pits throughout our property at Greer Lodge and… just 8 miles away, you can go skiing or snowboarding at Sunrise Ski Park (opening date is set for Dec. 18, 2020)!! We look forward to hosting you at the Greer Lodge!

    1. Hi Goya! Thanks for your inquiry. At an elevation of 8500′, Greer’s water temperatures stay pretty cool year-round. Swimming is not allowed on the Greer Lodge river or trout ponds, however, please check with the our local forest rangers for information by nearby lakes that are ideal for swimming. We look forward to hosting you at the Greer Lodge!