8 Reasons to Social Distance in Greer AZ

It’s getting pretty serious around the nation with regards to COVID-19, but there may never be a better time to visit the high country of Greer. Escape all the stresses of the city and enjoy the peaceful calm of nature in our delightful high-altitude mountain haven. Here are 8 reasons[…]

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Come See Beautiful Greer in All its Spring Glory

Spring is one of the best seasons to see Greer, AZ! As flowers begin to bloom and the stunning White Mountains return to color, you’ll enjoy crisp mornings with warm, sunny afternoons full of hiking, sightseeing, and fresh wonder. For the outdoor enthusiast, there really is no place quite like[…]

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Photos: 30″ of Snow blankets Greer ahead of Spring Break

Record-Breaking Snowfall in Greer, AZ

Greer, Arizona just received a record-breaking 30” of fresh snow during a rare blizzard this past week! For anyone expecting an early spring this year, they’ll be sorely disappointed, but for skiers and snow-lovers alike, this is the best time to head up to Greer and the nearby Sunrise Ski[…]

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Prepare for Countless Wildlife Sightings in and around Greer, Arizona

Spending time in Greer, Arizona and the surrounding White Mountains offers an abundance of enjoyable nature experiences. Rich, untamed land offers beautiful views and scores of fun outdoor activities. But another great experience you’ll find in Greer are the numerous wildlife sightings you’ll likely encounter on your daily excursions. Over[…]

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30 Facts about Greer, Arizona You Didn’t Know

Cabin #282, 283, 284 on Private Trout Ponds at Greer Lodge

Greer is a small mountain town in Eastern Arizona, but there’s a lot about this place that you probably don’t know. Any westerner understands that the history of the American West runs richer than deeper than one first suspects at an initial glance. Here are 30 of the most interesting,[…]

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