30 Facts about Greer, Arizona You Didn’t Know

Cabin #282, 283, 284 on Private Trout Ponds at Greer Lodge
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Greer is a small mountain town in Eastern Arizona, but there’s a lot about this place that you probably don’t know. Any westerner understands that the history of the American West runs richer than deeper than one first suspects at an initial glance. Here are 30 of the most interesting, special facts about this wonderful place that will help guide your next trip to the haven of Greer:

1.) Elevation

At an elevation of 8,356 ft, Greer is the Highest town in Arizona and the 5th Highest in the entire country!

2.) Weather

Greer, Arizona has a delightfully mild temperature, with average highs of 75°F during Summer; and just over 50°F in Winter.

Fall and Winter Season in Greer, Arizona

watch video: Fall colors

3.) Climate

In the Winters, snowfall amounts to an average of 8 feet! Pleasant summers see 8 inches of Rainfall.

4.) Fall Colors

In Fall, the leaves take on the familiar reds, yellows, and oranges of New England, providing some of the finest scenery imaginable out west, perfect for photography. 

5.) Small Town

Looking for a taste of small town America? Greer houses a permanent population of just 122 people! Get away from the masses and enjoy the great outdoors in this charming, down-to-Earth community.

6.) “The Road to Nowhere”

Greer, AZ is called the town on “The Road to Nowhere”, as it sits at the dead-end of the 5-mile long highway 373 south of Highway 260.

7.) The Drive

You don’t drive “through” Greer on your way to somewhere else; you drive “to” Greer! Greer is home to some of the best outdoors and wilderness activities in Arizona. You’ll want to spend some quality time here!

Skiing at Sunrise Ski Park

8.) Highway

The turnoff to Greer is on Highway 260, just 8 miles east of the Sunrise Ski Area turnoff. It’s an excellent place to secure a winter wonderland cabin on your next ski trip.

9.) Ski Park

Sunrise Ski Park is generally open from Thanksgiving to Easter, and has a lot of intermediate (difficulty rating) runs, a wonderful staff of instructors, and the resort also makes their own snow to ensure quality conditions.

10.) Snow Tubing

The Ultimate Tubing Experience can also be found at the Sunrise Ski Park in Greer, AZ, with a helpful lift that takes tubers to the top of the hill so you can spend more time having fun riding down the hill than lugging your tube up it!

11.) Little Colorado River & Resort

Sunrise Ski Park also has some great summer activities, including zip lining. Home to Arizona’s longest zip line, “The Apache High Flyer”, the course presents riders with thrilling views from over the White Mountains.

12.) Animals & Wildlife

Two rivers converge in the Greer Valley Meadow, where wildlife is abundant. The valley is surrounded by mountains, which are covered in Ponderosa Pines and Aspen trees (and they are simply stunning in their fall colors!). Deer and Elk often emerge from the woods in late afternoons to graze and play in the Greer meadow and drink from the rivers, presenting an awesome sightseeing experience for visitors.

13.) Apache-Sitegraves National Forest

Roughly 90% of Greer is National Forest, making it one of the most beautiful, pristine natural habitats that can be found in Arizona. Also, as part of the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, it’s a pine tree lover’s haven.

Elk in Greer, AZ

14.) Touch Nature

Touching nature becomes a daily occurrence in Greer, as visitors often report sightings of Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Ospreys, Goshawks, Blue Herons, Song Birds, Raccoons, Squirrels, Fox, Coyotes, and Skunks.

15.) Sunset Magazine

The Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins was named by Sunset magazine as 1 of the Top 9 Resorts in the Western USA to “Touch Nature.”

16.) Fisherman’s Paradise

Fishing is in ever abundance in Greer, AZ. There are 630 miles of trout streams and 22 trout lakes within a 30-mile radius of the town.

17.) American Bird

Canadian Bald Eagles will migrate over 2,000 miles to spend time in Greer, because it’s worth it!

18.) American Bird

Greer is widely renowned for bird watching, with several rare species that are found nowhere else west of the Mississippi.

19.) Darkest Skies in the World

The Greer area has been designated as one of the best places in the world for star gazing, due to the absence of city lights, clear skies, and high altitude. Its comfortable climate also makes it a wonderful place to sit on your front porch with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, admiring the peaceful stars resting overhead on cool evenings.

20.) Scenic 4 Hour Drive

For Arizona residents, the town of Greer is just a 4-hour, scenic drive from both Scottsdale and Tucson, making it easily accessible to weekend trips and getaways for most of the state’s population. Get directions here.

Cabin 96, Sleeps 6 at Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins

21.) 365 Days a Year

Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins are open 365 days a year. Come enjoy this beautiful land anytime you want!

22.) Spiritual Retreat

Greer Lodge was built in 1948 as a spiritual retreat center for a Phoenix church. You will feel that spirituality today!

23.) Doug Sandahl

The Owner of Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins is Doug Sandahl, a life long resident of Arizona and a University of Arizona Graduate. Doug has done many high profile Real Estate Developments (including Royal Palm Estates at 50th Street/Camelback Rd’s in Phoenix) and built over 1000 luxury homes in Phoenix – Arcadia – Scottsdale – Paradise Valley. Doug opened the 1st ever La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Store in the US in 1988, launching what has become the largest and most recognized furniture retailer in the country.

24.) Molly Butler’s Lodge & Restaurant

The nearby Molly Butler Lodge opened in 1910, and is the oldest, continually operating lodge in the state. At the time it was constructed, Arizona hadn’t even achieved statehood yet! The lodge is a great place to spend an evening and enjoy a nice meal at its fabulous restaurant, which overlooks the Greer Meadows.

Molly Butler Lodge & Restaurant in Greer, Arizona

25.) Cowboy

John Wayne fans will love to explore Greer! The legendary figure owned the famous 26 Bar Ranch alongside Louis Johnson, which is just an hour’s ride by horse from the X Diamond headquarters near Greer. It’s certainly a ride worth taking to this haven so adored by the renowned actor and filmmaker.

26.) Country Singer

Country singer George Strait visits Greer each Fall to enjoy the great outdoors and hunt for trophy elk.

27.) Greer Day’s

In 1979, the town of Greer celebrated its 100 year anniversary with a 3-day extravaganza of events, including a parade, fishing derby, wagon rides, barn dance, and barbeque. The event drew in 2,000 people and was so successful that the town created Greer Days, an annual event that continues this tradition with those fun activities and many more, making it a delightful time to check out Greer each year.

Cabin #282, 283, 284 on Private Trout Ponds at Greer Lodge

28.) White Mountains

A classic mountain getaway, Greer is set at 8,500 ft elevation, high within the White Mountains. It also resides in the two-million acre Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, providing supreme natural beauty all around.

29.) Butterfly Museum

Greer’s Butterfly Lodge Museum is a wonderful testament to the way of life when the town was but a fledgling outpost in the rural west. Preserving the cultural heritage of the area, the museum is a must-visit, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

30.) The Restaraunts

Note that while Greer has several delectable restaurants, there is no grocery store or gas station in town. The nearby towns of Eager and Springerville have plenty of food options, but are a 15 minute drive away. Be sure to stock up on supplies before heading into town!

This post was written by Juliana Hughes


  1. Love Greer! Have been camping at Hoyer since 1990. Stayed in a cabin for the first time in October of this year.

    Always yearning to return.

  2. We have a second home in Pinetop but always make time to drive to Greer when we are up north. We especially love to see the fall colors and walk along the Little Colorado, it’s a very beautiful and serene place to be.

  3. I am very interested.Haven’t snowboard for over 12 yrs.Been wanting a winter get away with family.Lived in Arizona for almost 4 years.That’s Casa Grande,Az..lol.Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.Island of Oahu.

    1. Roland, being from Casa Grande Az., I understand the draw to the cooler climate. As a youngster my parents bought property there. We spent our summers building the cabin. My parents are retired there now. Greer is beautiful…so is Hawaii. How did you end up in C.G.?

  4. My first trip to Greer was in 1956 along with our small family. I was just 5, but oh what an impression it made. We spent two weeks each year thereafter fishing,all the stteams and surrounding lakes, horseback riding, site seeing, and just enjoying the experience. Mom and Dad, Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles, and my two Bestest Friends John Kempton and David Snedigar, would all gather at Tony’s Cabin which sat high above the little Greer meadow below. I could go on and on from a treasure chest of wonderful memories that Greer has given me. This place is truly a blessing in my life

  5. I wonder why my husband never took me to Greer. He knew every inch of AZ, including driving in the desert. He could get us in and out even if there was a fire that caused us to have to take another way out. Sounds like a really fun place but not one that you would enjoy by yourself.

  6. We love Greer-no place like it-visited there often when we lived in the Show Low area. A great place to spend time. The beautiful abundance of humming birds was not mentioned and they are so neat to watch. No one could totally describe what it is like to visit- or I could only imagine living there- one of my many dreams.

    1. Hi Barbara! We remain open and we’re taking reservations. Please give us a call 928-735-2304 any day of the week between 9AM-5PM for reservations.

  7. My husband and I first visited Greer Lodge about 6 years ago, getting a good deal on Groupons! Loved the cabin, and the scenery…have been coming 2X a year, most years, to enjoy change of seasons, etc. It’s a 5 hr drive for us, but well worth it!! The Sandahls make it a wonderful experience..and being in business for myself, I appreciate their ‘customer service’!! Thank you!!!! [and congratulations on the award….well deserved!]

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your kind words. We love helping our Guests make memories at the Greer Lodge! Our team and the Sandahl family thanks you for your support and hope you’ll be visiting us soon again!

  8. Hi Juliana!
    We are looking for a cabin for 4 that is closest to cabin 82.
    Can you recommend one near by?

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for your message. The closest cabin to Cabin #82 that will accommodate 4 is Cabin #97 which can be described as a studio-sized/open floor-plan cabin. Cabins #94-96 and Cabins #88-90 are two or three-bedroom cabins that accommodate more guests (Sleeps 6 or 8) and are also walking distance. Please give us a call at 928-735-2304 and our reservation staff would be happy to assist you in planning the perfect cabin getaway at Greer Lodge!

  9. How does George Strait get an elk tag every year? It is suppose to be a lottery every year. Something smells!

  10. I think I found an answer to my question. George Strait doesn’t hunt elk on public land around Greer. He probably hunts on the Apache Indian Reservation with an Indian guide and pays thousands of dollars for the privilege..

  11. This looks just like where we lived in Kooskia, Idaho!! And you can pay for an elk tag every year!

  12. Longtime Arizona resident and finally went to Greer! Wow!! Lovely place with rivers, lakes, saw two bucks and mountain goats. Going back in 2022.

  13. 1955 or 56 I spent a month in Greer with my cousin who was managing a small grocery store/gas station on the right side of the road coming into town. There was a boy who was about my age (15) whose parents owned the store. We used to deliver groceries to an old gentleman who lived in a nice cabin to the west of town. He was a famous character from Hollywood who had a career in vaudeville and some movies. I of course can’t remember his name. Just wondering if anyone would remember him or even the store.I had a great time there and didn’t want to leave.

  14. How much of a risk that a snowstorm would keep me from being able to leave if I come up early March? Can I get around town in early March without 4WD or snow tires

    1. Hi J! I apologize for my delayed response! Many visitors get around Greer without 4WD or snow tires but if it is snowing heavily, we encourage you to wait it out or drive carefully as snow is slippery whether you have 4WD or snow tires. We hope you’ll come visit us soon!