Winter is Coming! First Snowfall in Greer, AZ for the Season

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While itโ€™s still technically the fall season, the first snowfall of the year hit the mountains of Greer, just a couple of days ago! Covering the area in beautiful white snow, the town became a charming winter wonderland, though expected to be a short spell this early in the season. Fallโ€™s charming color of reds, yellows, and oranges still persist on the trees, making for a delightful spectacle as the weather continues to steer towards winter in Greer, AZ.

For those getting ready for Arizona’s ski season, weโ€™ve got great news. Sunrise Ski Park received 8โ€ of snow during this week’s storm! Here are some excellent photos of the snowfall from Monday, which beckons kindly towards a fun, powder-filled season of skiing on the mountain.

With the first snowfall coming early this year, we can expect a white winter for the entire White Mountains area and Greer. For those seeking a bit of enjoyment in the snow, this is the perfect time to book a reservation for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Yearโ€™s holidays at the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins! And if youโ€™re hoping to catch the beautiful fall colors, youโ€™d better hurry on up to Greer, as the early signs of winter are already approaching!

  • Fall Colors at Sunrise Ski Park
  • 8
  • Snowy Steps at Sunrise Ski Park
  • Fall Colors at Sunrise Ski Park

Photo credit: Sunrise Park Resort, October 2018.

This post was written by Juliana Hughes

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