The lovely town of Greer is the premier nature retreat in Arizona. Located just a few hour’s drive from major cities like Tucson and Phoenix, the tiny mountain town is filled with beautiful trails, abundant wildlife, and delectable cabins that bring in thousands to visit Greer every year! The Little Colorado River runs right through the center of the Greer Lodge property alongside several of our fabulous cabins, making it a unique waterside destination, something extremely rare in the state!

Somebody planning a visit to Greer has endless options for choosing both when to visit and what to do here. The area is wonderful no matter what time of year you decide to come. In winter, nearby skiing provides an excellent outing, while simply hanging out and enjoying the snow can be a delight, especially for those used to the desert! On the other hand, summer trips to Greer are a great way to escape the Phoenix heat and enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities like zip lining, hiking, biking, and fishing. Whichever time one comes to Greer, they can expect a blissful escape into nature!