Photos: 30″ of Snow blankets Greer ahead of Spring Break

Record-Breaking Snowfall in Greer, AZ
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Greer, Arizona just received a record-breaking 30” of fresh snow during a rare blizzard this past week! For anyone expecting an early spring this year, they’ll be sorely disappointed, but for skiers and snow-lovers alike, this is the best time to head up to Greer and the nearby Sunrise Ski Park for some incredible skiing conditions and to enjoy a blissful winter wonderland.

Seemingly overnight, the quaint mountain town of Greer has become a fairy-tale village of snowy cabins and delightful snowmen. Long icicles adorn the buildings and visiting kids are having a blast in the snow. Just 20 minutes away, skiers on Sunrise Ski Park, Arizona’s largest ski area, are enjoying “powder days” of lush snow and ideal conditions. Fortunately, as nearly 3 feet of fresh snow has fallen, the conditions on the mountain will be awesome for the next few weeks, coinciding with the perfect time for a spring break ski trip in Greer. Our warm, inviting cabins will provide a delightful mountain retreat in the evenings ,while you can spend your days hitting the slopes or marveling at the beautiful snowfall.

It’s also worth noting, for those who prefer the Arizona Mountains in spring and summertime, that with a heavy snowpack, one can expect Greer and the surrounding areas to be bright and green due to the extra water. This is the best time to make your spring/summer reservations with Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins, as you can receive a 10% discount for early bookings. However, for those that want to experience this snowy paradise and its fresh powder on the ski hills, ask about our 50% off ANY STAY through March 7th special!

So whether you’re looking to steal away to the mountains now or in the next few weeks to experience the best of winter, or if you’re planning a trip to Greer in the late spring/summer, now is an excellent time to cement those plans and look forward to your next great trip to the White Mountains!

This post was written by Juliana Hughes