Feeling Trapped by the Coronavirus? Come to Greer and Enjoy Nature!

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Like most Americans living in big cities at this moment, you’re probably feeling a bit terrified. Coronavirus has gripped the nation, threatened the economy, and reminded us all of our own mortality. But if the thought of enduring an elongated quarantine in the city has got you up at night, consider making the most of this time to visit the scenic bliss of Greer, Arizona.

Greer Lodge plans to remain open and offers a delightful space where you can socially distance while you enjoy nature at its finest. In fact, the entire town has just 122 permanent residents. Come visit one of our cabins, where you’ll be secluded and safe from the virus. You can hike in the spacious White Mountains or fish in our well-stocked pond. You can even enjoy warm spring evenings out on your cabin’s porch where you can grill meals and disconnect from the stresses of our current times.

Each stand-alone cabin operates as its own house, with its own air system and all the necessary amenities, including full kitchens. Our cabins are thoroughly cleaned before guests arrive. Additionally, we do not disturb you or enter your cabin, ensuring that your environment will be free from any contaminants brought in by others. You won’t even need to check in when you arrive; simply head over to your cabin and make yourself at home. Greer houses several wonderfully quaint restaurants, though guests also stock their fridges with food from nearby grocery stores in Eager and Springerville, just 20 minutes away.

Times certainly are strange these days, but it may be quite a bit nicer if you spend it relaxing in the pristine nature of Greer, Arizona. Our cabins are ready to provide a beautiful shelter for you and your family, and we look forward to accommodating your stay. With fresh, healthy mountain air, you couldn’t find a better spot to ride out this virus.

Disclaimer: If you are feeling slightly sick or have been unfortunately diagnosed with any type of flu/virus such as the coronavirus, we ask that you not travel to Greer at this time.

This post was written by Nicholas Spiller


  1. Hello,

    Are you guys remaining open during the stay at home order? I would like to book a week if you’re open. Looking for the 6 person cabin for maybe a Monday-Friday or Sunday.

    1. Hi Geneva! We remain open. If this is your first visit, please note that we have a no contact with guests. You’ll check-in by going straight to your cabin and upon departure, you will leave your keys in the cabin (check-in and check-out times still apply). Our front desk is closed for the safety of our staff and guests so please be sure to bring all the board games, movies, game consoles, fishing poles, balls , etc.. to enjoy the great the outdoors. Normally these items (limited quantity) are available to our guests, but due to the restrictions of COVID-19 and safety precautions, they are not available at our front desk for our guests at this time. We also encourage you to bring all your food supplies so you don’t have to drive into our nearby towns for groceries. Restaurants in Greer are also doing take out only. Our individual cabins are a great place for your social distancing getaway! We take reservations by phone only. Please call us at 928-735-2304 any day of the week between 9AM-5PM. We look forward to hosting you in Greer!

  2. I am looking to rent a 4 person cabin checking in April 28th and checking out on the 1st or 2nd. As mentioned by others I am not getting an answer on the phone. Can you contact me via email to confirm availability and pricing. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dale Janisse! We apologize for this inconvenience. Our Reservation team will be in touch with you via email or by phone as soon as possible. We look forward to hosting you in Greer!

    1. Hi Wendie! We apologize for this inconvenience. Our Reservation team will respond to your inquiry via email. Please feel free to call us directly at 928-735-2304 to make your reservation. We look forward to hosting you in Greer!

  3. Interested in booking two nights April Tuesday April 28 til Thursday April 30. Tried calling several times no answer but left my contact information. Hope to hear from you 😁

    1. Hi Cindy! Unfortunately, we’re completely sold out for the month of April. We’re taking bookings for May and beyond. Our Reservation team will be contacting you via email today. Please feel free to call us directly at 928-735-2304. We look forward to seeing you in the mountains!

  4. Hi there. I am looking to reserve a dog friendly cabin for 2 nights, would like to check in May 2, 2020. Can someone please contact me with availability and rates? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Vanessa! We apologize for the inconvenience. Our Reservation team will be contacting you via email today. If you happen to not receive an email from us (check your Junk folder just incase), please give us a call at 928-735-2304. We look forward to hosting you at the Greer Lodge!

  5. Hi…I would like to rent 2 cabins at the end on May for 5-7 days. I can not get through on the phone for your voice mail is full. Please check your Facebook message for my phone number. Thank you, Diane

    1. Hi Diane! We apologize for the inconvenience. Our phones are pretty busy at the moment. Our Reservation team to contact you via email today. We look forward to seeing you in the mountains!

    1. Hi Dee! Unfortunately, we’re completely sold out for the month of April. We’re taking bookings for May and beyond. Our Reservation team will be contacting you via email today. Our phones have been busy but please feel free to call us 928-735-2304. We look forward to seeing you in the mountains!

  6. Good morning. I tried calling but the mailbox is full so I couldn’t leave a message. I’m looking to book a 6 person cabin for May 22nd-24th.

    1. Hi Ashley! We apologize for this inconvenience. The cabin specials we are running are keeping our phone lines very busy at the moment. Unfortunately, we’ve been booked for May at the beginning of this week. I provided your email address to our Reservation team and have asked them to reach out to you.

  7. Hello, looking for a cabin rate for 6 people the weekend of Mothers Day. Do you have anything still available Friday and Saturday night?

    1. Hello I have tried calling the number and messaging on Facebook but no response. Interested in renting a dog friendly cabin. If someone could respond I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

      1. Hi Megan! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We believe we responded to your inquiry this morning. Please send us a direct message on Facebook with your phone number and we’ll be sure to forward your contact information to the reservation team to give you a call as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Loree! We are fully booked for the month of May and have some weekend openings for the month of June. Please give us a call 928-735-2304 for availability and reservations. You may also visit our Rates page to check our availability but it is always recommended to give us a call as cabins are filling up quickly ahead of this Summer and Fall.

    1. Hello Barbara! We are fully booked for the month of May. Please give us a call 928-735-2304 for availability and reservations for a later date. We’re booking fast for this Summer and Fall!

    1. Hello Angela! This is a great question! Please use artificial flies and barb-less hooks while fly fishing on our private trout ponds. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

  8. Are you still offering $79 a night in June booking by today, May 12? I had seen it advertised a few times in the last week.


    1. Hello Dawn! Thank you for your inquiry. The special offer for midweek stays in June quickly sold out so we took it off our website. As for now, June is pretty full with only a few weekend cabins available. We’re mostly booking into July and beyond. Please give us a call at 928-735-2304 at your earliest opportunity to make reservations as we are filling up fast for the upcoming Summer and Fall season.

  9. Hello! My family and I are interested in coming in July. I see the cabins are around water, are we allowed to swim in there?

    1. Hi Angela! We get this question a lot. Although it may seem like swimming is possible, our private ponds are fully stocked with trout for fishing and the Little Colorado River that runs through our property is fairly shallow. The water is very active and fun for kids to splash in and around at your own caution as rocks are slippery. At an elevation of 8500′, Greer’s cool summer temps are usually in the 70’s making the bodies of water (which are plentiful in the area) very very cold to swim in. Some guests enjoy the water by kayak or boats at the lakes. Please note, we do not rent this equipment. Hopefully this answers your question and we look forward to seeing you in Greer at the Greer Lodge very soon!

  10. We were just there last weekend and stayed at cabin 282 . We loved our stay and enjoyed it alot . A weekend is not eough . Hoping to go back soon but their are no longer promotions 🙁 . Price per night $399ish ++ is high which is not affordable for regular income families . I wish at this time of crisis , they will extend thier $99-$129 per night which we had. Anyway, thank you for the amazing stay .

    1. Hi Kathy! We are so happy to hear that you loved your stay with us. We appreciate your feedback and will relay your message to our team. We have a variety of deals and specials that we promote regularly so please be sure to check back in with us. It would be wonderful if you could leave us a review on Facebook, TripAdvisor or Yelp… during this time, we’d like everyone to know we remain open for a much needed getaway on the road to nowhere!

    1. Hi David! We are sold out for the month of May. We are booking cabins in June and beyond. Cabins are filling up fast and we highly recommend to call us now 928-735-2304 for your summer reservations rather than later.

  11. I was looking at the price/availability sheet- is there a key for it to understand what the different colors mean?
    Also, where is the pricing located for the motel rooms June 25-28?

    1. Hello Tim! We’ll be sure to pass this idea along to our reservation team and apologize for the confusion. The colors indicate bookings and all that are in white show availability. In regards to the Log Motel Rooms, we do not publish the rates online as they have now been converted into 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom cabins with a living room, fully equipped kitchen and dining room. Please give us a call at 928-735-2304 for availability and reservations for Log Motel Rooms.

  12. Good Day! I ‘m looking at a corporate retreat in August for 4 days, that would need to accommodate approximately 35 to 40 people. Mostly couples and single individuals, a handful of families with a couple kids. August 13th thru August 16th. Can you email so we can discuss.

    1. Hi Cheryl! We’d love to host your company retreat in Greer this August! I have forwarded your email address over to our Resort Manager and she will be in touch with you this week. However, it is always best to call us directly at 928-735-2304 because cabins fill up fast especially in August. We hope to see you and your staff in the mountains soon!

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